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WhenHub Studio

WhenHub Studio is a web-based app that makes it easy for you to curate, visualize and publish timelines.

Easily create, sync or import schedules that can be shared to any standard calendar platform.
Directly import schedule data from Google Calendar, Google docs, URL links, ics file, copy/paste, Excel, etc.
Share schedules or Whencasts via email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – or embed on any website.
Create interactive Whencasts to embed on websites or publish on WhenHub.
Clone a schedule and shift dates into the future or past.
Curate and mix schedules into new personal Whencasts.
Automatically update all registered followers’ calendars with any changes or additions to a schedule.
Attach spreadsheets or other documents to a schedule for followers to download.
Share schedules as private or public.

Developers and Designers

Developers and Designers

Connect your app to our API and tap into our feature-rich platform for time-based data.


Publish schedules on any website (including Facebook) as beautiful, interactive and engaging visualizations.