North Korean Weapons Testing

North Korean Weapons Testing A recent New York Times report raised the prospect of a sixth nuclear test by North Korea. As tensions between the isolated nation and the Trump administration heighten, there is increased pressure on China to reign in Kim Jong-un. This may prove to be a challenge — with five failed missile tests since Mar. 6, 2017.

White House lists 78 under-reported terrorist attacks

White House lists 78 under-reported terrorist attacks On Feb. 6, 2017, the White House released a list of 78 terrorist attacks that President Trump asserted “the dishonest press” under-reported. The list includes domestic and international events starting in September 2014. “You’ve seen what happened in Paris, and Nice. All over Europe, it’s happening,”Trump said, speaking to the assembled military leaders at the U.S. Central Command. “It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons, and you understand that.”

Holiday Magic — Just Add Elf!

Holiday Magic — Just Add Elf! I decided to add more magic and joy to our family’s little world with the Elf on the Shelf holiday tradition. As the website explains, “the magical scout elves help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by reporting back to him at the North Pole nightly.” Every night, the elf or elves return from the North Pole and end up in a different spot in your home. Often they are doing something silly or merry. Personally, I’m not a fan of the idea of coercing your kids into being good using Santa’s list but love the idea of these little elves enchanting kids with their holiday spirit. I gloss over the punitive aspect and focus on the magic. It’s up to you!

Easy Gift Giving – Top Children’s Books

Easy Gift Giving – Top Children’s Books Do you have little kids to shop for this holiday season? Like many, it drives me nuts when my kids get a bunch of junky toys that they’re not interested in or break days after Christmas. Recently, I’ve started encouraging relatives to give subscriptions (museums, zoo, parks), experiences (lunch date, movie date, trip to the beach) or books. My kids can never get enough reading material and they love to reread their favorites.

Electoral votes tell the story

Electoral votes tell the story Is this a new trend? This year’s presidential election came down to electoral votes – again. For the fifth time in U.S. history, the candidate who won the popular vote did not capture the presidency. In every case, victory was claimed by Republicans. This had appeared to be a phenomenon relegated to the distant past, last occurring in the 19th Century. Until the drama of the 2000 election. And this year’s circus.