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Debbie Hartman

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body

Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Advice Topics
    Dental, Baby Teeth, Health
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Teeth / Mouth Life or Raising Sons Pets, Wierd Hobbies or Landscaping Face it, people judge and form first impressions. Smiles don’t have to be perfect to project an image of success & approachability. Most people may not know what constitutes a clinically healthy mouth but most people know a nice smile when they see one. A healthy smile is important in our personal and professional lives. Healthy smiles are vital to every aspect in life. Good overall health depends on good oral health. Competence, intelligence and cleanliness are a few assumptions made at first glance. My strongest expertise is dental hygiene and disease prevention. FAQ ~ Why do I need a deep cleaning? ~ Why do I need my tooth pulled even though nothing hurts? ~ Why bother taking care of my teeth when I can get dentures or implants? ~ Do I really need dental x-rays? ~ Why fix baby teeth when they are going to fall out anyway? ~ Is fluoride safe for babies and young children? ~ When should I start brushing my babies teeth? ~ Can I give my baby a cavity by blowing on their food to cool? ~ Can you catch gum disease by kissing? ~ Is it true oral sex causes oral cancer? ~ Why does my dental hygienist ask me so many questions on my health history form? ~ What does heart disease have to do with my mouth? ~ Why do I need antibiotics before a dental cleaning? ~ Why does my dental hygienist talk so much? For 36 years I’ve been teaching people how to improve their health through good daily oral hygiene care. I replace esoteric dental terminology with relatable everyday words. Registered Dental Hygienists are highly trained accredited professionals. A RDH is licensed by the state in which he/she practices. Since the mouth is connected to the rest of the body, training includes all body systems and a basic understanding of pharmacology.

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