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Joseph Grmovsek, LL.B

Insider Trading Prevention & Information Protection

Toronto, ON, Canada
Investment and Finance
  • Advice Topics
    Insider Trading, White-Collar Crime, Rehabilitation, Information Protection
  • Hourly Rate
    $50.00 / hour
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I am featured in the documentary “Collared” as the first and still only Canadian to receive a Federal sentence of imprisonment for insider trading. I engaged in the activity on both sides of the US/Canada border over a 15 year period that involved north of 100 separate deals and the churning of hundreds of millions of dollars for an 8-figure US dollar gain in what is believed to be the most prolonged insider trading case ever uncovered by authorities. My story and my efforts at redemption through the talks I give to professional groups and public companies as well as my work as the Program Director for the charity Restorative Justice Housing Ontario form the basis of the educational documentary, “Collared.” Please contact me if you would like my insights on the subject of protecting the corporate asset that is information and insider trading prevention or to book an ethics training presentation that I can tailor the needs of your audience. CollaredConsulting.com

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