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Noah Antony Widoff

Offering a Fresh Perspective on Anything

Ashland, OR, USA
Arts & Entertainment
  • Advice Topics
    Thinking Differently, Horoscope Readings
  • Hourly Rate
    $27.00 / hour
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I've developed my ability to see things from multiple perspectives and have several tools at my disposal to help you to also view things in a new light. Horoscope readings are perhaps the most easily understandable of these tools. All inhabitants of the earth are subject to the set of relationships between the primary forces within the solar system. It is at the moment of birth that we are most easily impressed upon by these vast yet subtle forces. The interpretation of the influence of the solar system’s objects is certainly more art than science but one might be surprised to discover the extent to which the underlying principals make sense. Horoscope is good for exploring the internal dynamics within yourself, some other person - or the relations between two persons (or points in time). I also work with yijing (i ching) and bagua which are both consequences of taiji (yin/yang) theory. Yijing is good for exploring a particular situation or event. Taiji and bagua can help to deepen an understanding of the natural order of things. I work with what I can glean of your present perspective and offer alternatives. If you’re sick of seeing things in the same old light it will probably only require a single session for you to find a new point of view on just about anything. Initial sessions typically take the form of simple philosophical conversation. But sometimes a subject cannot be adequately explored using an entirely reasonable approach. In these instances the horoscope yijing and/or bagua allows us to extend the range of exploration beyond conversation. All topics are welcome for discussion: personal development, life with technology, the complexity of relationships, existential dilemmas, cultivating creativity and even politics (not my favorite) - whatever! I’m a completely unaffiliated and independent thinker. I am not selling anything other than my time and mind. I aspire to be of service. I’m not interested in trying to initiate anyone into any particular system of thought! My background: musician, composer, programmer and software designer. I’ve taught taijiquan and qigong at numerous institutions including university level. Handyman, woodsman, volunteer firefighter. Interests include: philosophy, history, spirituality, religion, science and anything I’ve never heard about before. Here is my first testimonial resulting from my first (and thus far only) Interface call: "The call was a great success. You were helpful and proved true to what you wrote in your description." Rich S. I offer an unconditional guarantee: if you don’t feel you got anything from our time together I’ll refund whatever amount I received from you (if paying in US$ I cannot reimburse the fee I’m charged).

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