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Eric Inman

Creative Content Strategies

Pleasanton, CA, USA
Media, Non Profit, Church
  • Advice Topics
    Video Content, Brand Strategy, non profit fundraising
  • Hourly Rate
    $50.00 / hour
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Ideating and forming a narrative of meaning takes more than the aggregation of user data to make a persona report. Today user personas are flat, two dimensional. This is seen in AD spend vs. ROI. and generic social marketing campaigns. Your customer, is a simple and specific person trying to make day by day - their life, which forms their story, is dynamic and nuanced. User Data has surpassed Oil as the worlds most valuable commodity. Google and Amazon trained the modern consumer to expect that when they go in search of what they need, your brand is already there waiting, with content personalized that is almsot creepy. Consumers are multi dimensional and this is where I can add deep value to your Brand Strategy

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