Wallet Guide

If you are new to cryptocurrencies (welcome!), all the techo jargon can be very confusing. We want you and every other WhenHub Interface user to try our app and experience the service without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies, so we built a wallet right into the Interface app. It's called WHEN Wallet, and for a limited time, each new Interface user automatically gets WHEN Tokens when they sign up. You can Interface with a Video Advisor as soon as you have installed the app. Pretty cool, huh!?

At some point, you will want to do more with your WHEN Tokens. You'll be glad to know that WHEN Wallet is an industry-standard (ERC20) wallet. This means that it works with just about any other popular Ethereum wallet out there, and you can easily move tokens between your WHEN Wallet and other wallets. Follow the instructions below to get started with MyCrypto, a free Ethereum wallet.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies and want to explore the Smart Contract for WHEN Token, you can find it at 0xf4fe95603881d0e07954fd7605e0e9a916e42c44


1. Download MyCrypto

Click here to download MyCrypto for your Operating System.

After downloading, follow the standard procedure for installing a new application on your computer.

Wallet Guide

2. View Wallet

Select "Mnemonic Phrase" as the method for adding your wallet.

Wallet Guide

3. Enter Mnemonic Passphrase

The Mnemonic Passphrase is displayed in the Interface app the first time you access WHEN Wallet. You are required to save this phrase in a safe location. If you don't have this phrase, then you cannot continue with the steps that follow.

Wallet Guide

4. Select Address

A mnemonic passphrase is like a magical crypto wand that can be used to generate an unlimited number of Ethereum wallet addresses, and their related Public/Private keys. Usually, only the first address is used (as is the case for WHEN Wallet), but experienced users can use other addresses as well.

Wallet Guide

5. Wallet Contents

MyCrypto will show you how much ETH is in your wallet. Unless you have used this wallet already, it will most likely not have any ETH and display 0.

Wallet Guide

6. Scan for WHEN Tokens

Wallet Guide

7. WHEN Token Details

Enter "whentoken.eth" for Address, "WHEN" for Token Symbol, and "18" for Decimals.

Wallet Guide

8. WHEN Token Balance

The wallet will display the number of WHEN Tokens in your wallet. Sometimes it doesn't do it automatically and you have to click "Load Token Balances" to refresh the display. You can click "My Wallets" to return to the wallet listing view.

Wallet Guide

Send WHEN Tokens

To send WHEN Tokens to someone else, click "Send Ether & Tokens" in the menu.

1. Sending WHEN Tokens

It costs money (known as Gas) to send tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Gas can only be paid with ETH. So even though you want to send WHEN Tokens to someone, you will need to have some ETH to pay for the transaction. Until you buy ETH or someone else sends you some, your WHEN Wallet can only receive tokens. Once you have ETH, you can specify the destination address and number of WHEN you want to send, then click "Send Transaction" to submit the transaction to the blockchain.

Wallet Guide