Electoral votes tell the story

Electoral votes tell the storyIs this a new trend? This year’s presidential election came down to electoral votes – again. For the fifth time in U.S. history, the candidate who won the popular vote did not capture the presidency. In every case, victory was claimed by Republicans. This had appeared to be a phenomenon relegated to the distant past, last occurring in the 19th Century. Until the drama of the 2000 election. And this year’s circus. The modern contests were both fraught with drama. Election results from 2000 were delayed over a month for resolution from the Supreme Court over Florida’s “hanging chad” ballot recounts. The lead up to the this year’s campaign was colored with accusations of a “rigged” election, but the result disproved media predictions and surprised the nation. Both of these dramatic contests transferred the presidency from Democrat to Republican. And Florida voters flipped their support – and played a key role – in those same years.
This map-bubble chart covers the last seven elections and shows how electoral votes were used in each state.

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