Follow the 2016 Presidential Election

Follow the 2016 Presidential Election

Do you remember way back to March 23, 2015 when Ted Cruz was the first to announce his candidacy for president? A lot has happened in the last 19 months! This timeline includes major election events — when candidates entered and left the race, primary and caucus dates, national conventions, debates and the final election day.

This Whencast timeline has both past and future dates and can be updated as major events take place. Convention and debate dates were updated with YouTube videos, links, photos and other rich media. This makes it easy to catch up on debate performances and convention speeches. An action link on “Election Day” links to a voter registration site.

There are so many applications for a Whencast like this. Journalists and bloggers can create beautiful, embedded graphics that cover important events over time and update them with videos, photos, links, and supports documents for a multimedia experience. Instead of a generic report, teachers can have students use the WhenHub studio to create interactive timelines.

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