Jolie vs. Pitt

Jolie vs. Pitt

Brangelina is breaking up. And people are taking sides.

In September Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, breaking up the twleve year romance and citing (surprise!) “irreconcilable differences.” Soon after, rumors surfaced that the split was due to differences in parenting styles and that Pitt had been “verbally abusive” and “physical” with their oldest son on a private plane ride. Since then, Pitt has refuted the severity of the allegations and any investigation into the claim seems to have reached a dead end. Several high profile entertainers have weighed in.

Of course, the world waits for the reaction of Jennifer Aniston (supportive of Pitt, right?). Mellisa Ethridge is furious about the allegations. Pierce Morgan calls Angelina “selfish,” and Marion Cotillard squashed rumors that her on-set chemistry with “Allied” co-star, Pitt was anything more.

But all’s fair in divorce and custody battles. I expect Angie will respond.

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