North Korean Weapons Testing

North Korean Weapons Testing

A recent New York Times report raised the prospect of a sixth nuclear test by North Korea. As tensions between the isolated nation and the Trump administration heighten, there is increased pressure on China to reign in Kim Jong-un. This may prove to be a challenge — with five failed missile tests since Mar. 6, 2017, he is likely looking to make a bold statement and it doesn’t get much bolder than a successful nuclear test.

Since 1993, North Korea has had 12 successes and 11 failures in overall weapons tests. After a successful streak of six tests starting last summer, things have been going downhill since March of this year. Here’s a look at all the missile and nuclear tests North Korea has performed since 1993:

(Updated with May 14, 2017 test result.)

Here are more details on the events leading up to the current tensions:

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