Weekly Presidential Polls

Weekly Presidential PollsThe 2016 presidential election has been a tight race from the start. This Whencast charts the ups and downs of the polls since June when Clinton and Trump clinched their party nominations. The polls showed Clinton’s smallest lead after the Republican National Convention finished and before the Democratic National Convention began in July with Clinton and Trump polling less than a point apart. Clinton’s largest lead came in August when she was eight points ahead. Has Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson made much of an impact on the race?
Here’s how to create a schedule with custom fields for yourself. In the WhenHub Studio, click “Add a Schedule” and then click on the tab with the circle to set up your custom fields to create charts and graphs. In this case, I clicked the “Custom Field” button and selected “Chart Series”. Then, I named the field “Clinton” and saved it. I did this again to create custom fields for Trump and Johnson. You need to create the fields in the order that you want them to appear when entering data. Make sure to give your schedule a title. After you save the schedule, you can add events and there will be a tab to enter your data for the custom fields you created.

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