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Interface at a Glance

Call a Video Advisor

Get advice from a Video Advisor face-to-face.

No Payment Friction

Integrated cryptocurrency, Apple Pay and Google Pay makes every transaction frictionless.

Easy to Use

Clean, simple user interface ensures you can easily find and talk to Video Advisors.

Interface Features

Interface is easy to use and you can get started right away even if you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

Simple to Use

You can either go online as a Video Advisor, or find a Video Advisor and Interface with them. You can also book an Interface for a future date and time.

No-fuss Blockchain

Built-in wallet and signup tokens mean you can start using Interface instantly without knowing anything about cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

Face-to-face with Video Advisors

Don't just talk or type...see Video Advisors face-to-face and have a real conversation.

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Benefits for Customers

WhenHub Interface enables anyone to quickly and easily find and connect with experts. Whether you have some quick questions, want an explanation or demo of a concept, or just need an expert to guide you, Interface is a fast and simple solution.

Any Topic

Find an expert on just about any topic quickly and easily.

Convenient Time

You choose the expert and the time slot per your convenience.

No Payment Hassle

No invoices or payments to worry about. Payment is handled automatically by the smart contract.

Limited Duration

Choose a duration as short as 15 minutes, or as long as one hour.

Audio, Video, or In-person

Choose whichever meeting style makes the most sense for you.

Verified Video Advisors

Choose the verification level for Video Advisors on every transaction.


Since you can talk to a Video Advisor anywhere in the world, your questions can be answered any time.


If the expert doesn't attend, you get their Surety ensuring your wasted time is compensated for.

Benefits for Video Advisors

WhenHub Interface lets independent workers and consultants monetize unbillable time slots in their schedule. This allows them to remain fully utilized ensuring consistent income.

Make Money

Publish unbillable time slots on WIN and monetize them.

Generate Leads

Each Interface transaction is a potential new project lead.

Market Price

Set time slots for auction and let the market decide what your time is worth.

Immediate Payment

As soon as the time slot is done, WHEN Tokens get transferred to your wallet.

Audio, Video, or In-person

Choose whichever meeting style makes the most sense for you.

Verified Customers

Choose the verification level for customers on every transaction.

Broad Reach

Listing on InterfaceHub and hundreds of WhenSense sites ensures your time slot will be quickly filled.

Commission Opt-in

You only need to pay a commission if you want to increase exposure on WhenSense sites.

Compare Interface to
Online People Marketplaces (Gig Sites)

Type of Work

Interface is for 15-60 min. meetings for knowledge transfer. Gig sites are mostly for task-based project work.


Price is based on market demand via auction. Gig sites are a price race to the bottom.


Video Advisors post availability of time slots and customers choose. On Gig sites, customers post projects and freelancers bid.


Commission is opt-in for experts and not mandatory. On Gig sites freelancers must pay 20-25% commission.


Any verified expert can answer questions. On Gig sites a specific freelancer works on a project based on skill-set.


Video Advisors and callers communicate by audio, video or in-person conversation. On Gig sites, the communication is by online messaging.


Video Advisors are paid instantly upon completion of the transaction. On Gig sites, it may be 2-4 weeks before a freelancer is paid.


Both Video Advisor and Caller are paid if the other party does not attend. On Gig sites, the expert is always at the mercy of the customer.