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Tell a story with time. Turn your schedule into a Whencast — a beautiful, interactive visualization — with one click!
Schools have dozens of calendars and teachers have even more lessons to track. Create visual, sharable lesson plans, including photos, videos, links, and text in WhenHub to keep parents and kids informed of homework details and upcoming tests. Attach homework documents or video tutorials to an assignment. Any change made by the teacher flows automatically to connected user calendars. Create once and easily modify and reuse for future classes as needed. You can even add photos and videos to a field trip or classroom schedule for a beautiful, interactive Whencast of the year. Stop fighting with calendar systems and keep the focus on students; centralize schedules in one easy-to-use hub. Schedules can be simple text or an interactive Whencast with photos, videos, links and supporting documents. Promote school events by sharing a Whencast of upcoming events on social media or post to your website with copy-paste commands. No need to be a graphic artist. WhenHub provides visual presentation options. Administrators can easily manage a master schedule with WhenHub. Each teacher, coach or club leader can make changes to their own schedules that flow automatically to the school’s master schedule. Easy! Now you know when there are schedule conflicts across groups. Use simple copy-paste command to publish your master schedule on your school’s website. Get started for free on WhenHub today
Use Cases
  • Visual Lesson Plans
  • Homework Due Dates
  • Interactive Historical Timelines
  • Class Schedule
  • Field Trip Schedule
  • School Master Schedule
  • After School Activities Schedule
  • Vacation Schedule
  • Minimum Day Schedule
  • PTA Meeting Schedule
  • Teacher Meeting Schedule
  • Club Schedules

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